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Full Journal Title Medical-Surgical Nursing Journal
Organization Zahedan University of Medical Sciences, Zahedan, IR Iran


Publishing Approval Minister's deputy office in press and publicity affairs of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance according to certificate number 90/19191 on 16th October 2011 as an International Quarterly Medical Journal.
Scientific Research Approval The Iranian committee of medical science journals of the ministry of health and medical education according to certificate number 100-507 on 16th of June 2013 as Scientific Research Medical Journal.
Aim & Scope

Medical-Surgical Nursing Journal has been launched aimed to publish the most recent findings of scientific research in the fields of medical-surgical nursing care in acute and chronic situations with an emphasis on evidence-based nursing. This journal publishes papers in order to health promotion, prevention, disease management and improvement of health status of patients and their families in different forms of articles (As mentioned in Authors Guide) in the below headings:
Clinical research in Medical-Surgical Nursing       
Advanced evidence-based care in medical-surgical nursing
Nursing care in acute disorders    
Care and rehabilitation  in chronic disorders
Nursing care of adult patients
Nursing care of elderly patients
Pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in nursing  
Patient safety in medical-surgical wards
Professional relationship
Medical-surgical care in High-Risk Pregnancy (HRP)    
Professional ethics in medical-surgical wards
Medical-surgical care in women

Content Coverage Medical-Surgical Nursing Journal is an authentic clinical journal which its content is devoted to the particular compilation of the latest worldwide and interdisciplinary approach and findings including original manuscripts, meta-analyses and reviews, health economic papers, debates, and consensus statements of the clinical relevance of Risky behaviors and addiction. In addition, consensus evidential reports not only highlight the new observations, original research and results accompanied by innovative treatments and all the other relevant topics but also include highlighting disease mechanisms or important clinical observations and letters on articles published in this journal.
Abbreviation Title ISO: Med. Surg. Nurs. J. | JCR: MED  SURG NURS J
Category Nursing
ISSN Print: 2322-178X | Electronic: 2322-4169
Language English
Journal Country/Territory IR Iran
Type of Publishing Article-Based Publishing (Continuous)
Frequency Quarterly
Price Online: Open Access
Article Submission Charge There is no article submission charge in this journal.
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Scientific Collaborators

Director in Charge: Ali Navidian
Editor-in-Chief : Ali Navidian
Executive Manager: Fatiheh Kermansaravi
Executive Expert & Site Manager: Mahdihe Rezaei

Peer Review Policy

1) Double-Blind Peer Review System 


2) Open Peer Review (since Aug 2019), Show List of All Published Reviewers' Comments

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