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Post Publication Feedback System for Readers Last Update : 2021-07-15 06:06:59

Definition of Post Publication Feedback:

Kowsar allows debate post-publication either on a journal site, through letters to the editor. All comments from the readers will be read by the EIC and there have mechanisms for correcting, revising or retracting articles after publication. One of the latest sorts of peer review of a manuscript that occurs after publishing called "Post-publication peer review or feedback". 

The traditional sort of peer review in academic journals (external peer review) faced lots of criticism like lack of clarity and lack of proper and enough evidence on their judgments. The problem of "best judgment" during a peer review is always like a nightmare for both authors and editors. Recently and thanks to the improvement of digital communications technology, a new sort of peer review has been made titled "post-publication peer review". In this method, articles will be judged by the public just after their publishing. All researchers are welcomed to add their comments via an online form. If EIC approves comments from a reader, it will be published at the end of the article webpage. Discussing the strengths and weaknesses of a scholarly scientific publication can now happen in real-time and take place globally.

  1. Readers are able to send their comments.

  2. EIC is able to approve or trash any comments via their admin panel. A comment will be trashed if it is:

  • Related to Galley proof PDF: Any comments related to the PDF galley proof from authors will be trashed immediately. Authors must submit their comments of a PDF only by submitting a ticket at as it is already mentioned in the proof email.
  • Any commercial or business advertisement: will be trashed immediately. Look at the " Advertising Policy".
  • Any spam message.

How to Submit a Comment:

  • Readers are able to put their comments on all published articles. We, on behalf of our editorial board, welcome all valuable readers' comments.
  • To submit your comments, please refer to the end of the article's full text and just fill the online form. We will review them and publish them as soon as possible.
  • We hope to receive your valuable comments and forward them to our authors.

If you have any problem or are not able to see the "Comments" part just let us know via a ticket at