The Curriculum Of Nursing Bsc Course In The Viewpoints Of The Graduates And Last-Year Students Of Semnan Nursing School


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Journal of Medical Education: 3 (2); e105021
Published Online: March 14, 2009
Article Type: Research Article
Received: March 14, 2009
Accepted: March 14, 2009


Background: Curriculum evaluation is a part of any educational system and one of the main factors that can lead education from its static position to a more dynamic one.Objective: To evaluate the curriculum of nursing BSc course by surveying the graduates and last-year students of Semnan Nursing School.Methods: The sample group in this descriptive qualitative study is all last-year students and graduates of the first 11 years of foundation of Semnan Nursing School. Data-colleting tool was a questionnaire consisting of two parts: demographic data and survey questions. The questionnaire was distributed after determining its content validity and scientific reliability. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistical indices including mean value and standard deviation.Results: The units of some courses should be changed and the content of some other courses are not compatible or has no use in the field of nursing. Some of them don’t help understanding the specialized courses. Some of the settings are not appropriate for education and the students often can’t use their theoretical knowledge in clerkship.The equipment and facilities are not suitable in all settings and the students of other schools have to share equipment, except in “community health clerkship”. The samples found all the duties assigned by their instructors effective in their education –except in “community health clerkship. They believed that all of the instructors have enough expertise in clinical training.Discussion: In order to improve the quality of education, the decision-makers and faculty members are recommended to review the nursing curriculum. Further studies are needed to achieve more accurate results. The results of all these studies will show the problems that the graduates would probably encounter in their job environment, and either theoretical or clinical education is of more use to them. It’s hoped that changing thecurriculum could meet the nation’s needs to expert nurses.


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