Viewpoints Of The Interns On Their Future Career In Qazvin University Of Medical Sciences


avatar Saeed Asefzadeh 1 , * , avatar Ameneh Barikani 2 , avatar Reza Barikani 3

1 Associated professor, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences.

2 Assistant Professor, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences.

3 Researcher, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences.

How to Cite: Asefzadeh S, Barikani A, Barikani R. Viewpoints Of The Interns On Their Future Career In Qazvin University Of Medical Sciences. J Med Edu. 2002;2(1):e104978. doi: 10.22037/jme.v2i1.887.


Journal of Medical Education: 2 (1); e104978
Published Online: April 05, 2009
Article Type: Research Article
Received: April 04, 2009
Accepted: April 05, 2009


Background The imbalance between the public needs and the number of the medical graduates has created problems in recruitment of young physicians who are trained to provide medical and health services in the country. Purpose To assess the attitudes of interns at Qazvin University of Medical Sciences toward'i their future profession in 200I-2002.Methods  This  descriptive  study  assesses  the  viewpoints  of  all  I20  interns  through  a self-administered questionnaire. Results The findings indicated that 77.5% of the students were in the age range of 22 to 27 with the average of 26. ./  years. of  all cases  67.5%  wished to continue their training  to become a specialist and 6.7% decided to work as a general practitioner. of all students,  95.8% expected their future income to be low, to an extent which will not provide a comfortable life for them. of  all cases. 89.2% believed that the present system of medical education does not  give them the necessary capabilities and skills to practice efficiently in the future.Conclusion. The students· viewpoints on fulfillment of their economic needs and  provision of a comfortable life for them and their families were negative; however, regarding fulfillment  of their mental and emotional needs and participation in a scientific field, they were positive. Key word: intern, Medical profession


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