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Screening Last Update : 2021-07-15 06:24:59

Which criteria will be checked in the screening step?

The first step of the review process in Kowsar journals is "Screening" of a manuscript. "Screening" could be done by either publisher or the editor-in-chief. In the screening, an article will be checked based on the journal policies for general aspects including:

If all of the above items were OK, a manuscript will be sent to the next state and indeed it is entered to the review process. Otherwise, it will be sent back to the author for more corrections and the author must resubmit it after correcting the written errors.

How to see the Screening log of a manuscript?

All users involved in a manuscript (author, reviewer, AE, or EIC) are able to see the "screening log" in the details of each manuscript. To do:

  1. Click the "Manuscript Title"
  2. Choose the correct revision of your manuscript
  3. Go to Peer Review Process
  4. Click Screening Log

EIC and Screening

  • EIC is able to see the list of manuscripts waiting for screening and manuscripts which are "Sent back to the Author"

  • "Fast Reject" or "Sent Back to Author" are possible options by EIC.

Demo Video: If you need any more information about this section you can watch the demo video on the following Links: [YOUTUBE] [APARAT]